Public Fire Education Program

  • How do I schedule a tour of the Fire Station?

Please call the Administrative Office at 545-3426 Monday – Friday between 8:00am to 5:00pm at least 2 weeks prior to the tour date.

 How to request fire extinguisher training?

Call 545-3426 and ask for the Shift Captain to schedule an appointment.

Your fire extinguishers will be used for training.

After discharging your fire extinguishers during training the extinguishers must be serviced and recharged to be placed back in service.

If you schedule training when your extinguishers need service, you will only need to service the extinguisher once.

Servicing of fire extinguishers is provided by third party vendors, not the Fire department.

• Does the fire department install smoke detectors and change batteries?

Yes, the department can come out and check your smoke detector and change the batteries if needed. If the smoke detector requires other than a 9 volt battery, you will need to supply the batteries. We also offer a program twice a year in the spring and fall for the Senior citizens of the community: where the Fire department provides the batteries and will change the smoke detectors as needed. For more information please call 545-3426 or the Pasco Senior Center at 545-3459.

 Do you offer car seat installation services?

We do not provide this service. The Washington State Patrol offers this service on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the each month for more information call 509-734-7029.  

 Does the fire department offer any advice to parents who may have children curiosity about fire?

Pasco Fire Department does have a person who will talk to children regarding fire safety precautions and the risks involved in playing with fire. To set up and appointment please call 545-3426.

The state also offer information regarding the Juvenile Firesetting Intervention program External Links Icon.