Fire Prevention FAQs

  •  How do I find out if it is a burn day? As of December 31, 2000 all "outdoor burning" (Except wind blown Tumble Weeds) is banned in the City of Pasco. To find out if it is a burn day please call 544-3098. If it is an approved tumble weed burn day please follow the phone instructions.
  •  Are fireworks permitted/legal in Pasco? Some are. The City of Pasco has an ordinance which allows certain types of personal fireworks. A flyer describing allowed fireworks can be found online (PDF). Violation of this ordinance may subject a person to fines and penalties.
  •  How do I store hazardous materials? Do not store any hazardous materials in the garage or home, If you have paint, varnish or chemicals we recommend that your store them in an approved one hour metal locker. This locker can be purchased at your nearest hardware store. If you wish to dispose of any household chemicals, contact Basin Disposal at 547-2476 for the location of the nearest collection site.
  •  Where do I report fire hazards? Fire hazards are reported the Pasco Code Division. If you think you have discovered a fire hazard (ex. Tall grass or weeds on lots, accumulations of flammable junk or debris, unsafe wiring) note location (address) and report it to City Code Officer at 545-5743. Be prepared to describe the nature of the fire hazard. If you are reporting a fire in progress which requires immediate attention, or an actual emergency situation, call 911 immediately.
  •  Does the Fire Department install smoke alarms and change batteries? Yes, call (509) 545-3497 for more information or to schedule, you may also request an installation online, here.
  •  How do I schedule a tour of the Fire Station?
    Please call the Administrative Office at (509) 545-3497 Monday – Friday between 8:00am to 5:00pm or fill out this form at least 2 weeks prior to the tour date.
  •  How to request fire extinguisher training?
    Call (509) 545-3497 to schedule an appointment. Your fire extinguishers will be used for training. After discharging your fire extinguishers during training the extinguishers must be serviced and recharged to be placed back in service. If you schedule training when your extinguishers need service, you will only need to service the extinguisher once. Servicing of fire extinguishers is provided by third party vendors, not the Fire Department.
  •  Do you offer car seat installation services?
    We do not provide this service. The Benton-Franklin Health District can provide you assistance; please call (509) 547-9737.
  •  Does the fire department offer any advice to parents who may have children curiosity about fire?
    The Pasco Fire Department offers Youth Fire Setter Program, contact our Community Risk Reduction Specialist Ben Shearer, 509-545-3497.