Emergency Medical Services


The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program of the Pasco Fire Department is an integral part of the community's health care system. We provide 24 hr/day advanced life support services to the City of Pasco residents and through response agreements to the greater Tri-Cities area.

We have five ambulances that are strategically located throughout the City of Pasco. Three ambulances are staffed (1 per station) and two ambulances are stored in a "ready" posture. Each ambulance is minimally staffed with one paramedic and one emergency medical technician – basic. Medical emergencies represent approximately 79% of the total annual call volume for the fire department. Our medical program has earned a 50% Utstein Survival Rate for Sudden Cardiac Arrest events.

In order to provide more efficient care and services the EMS program has partnered with several community organizations including Lourdes Medical Center, Senior Life Resources, Hotspotters, and the Consistent Cares programs. We provide regular training sessions and participate in regular drills with the Pasco Police Department in order to assure the quickest medical response possible.

The EMS program is primarily funded through the Ambulance Utility revenues, patient insurance and grant funding. The average cost per incident in 2016 for City of Pasco residents was $1943. The average transport fee recovery and utility rate revenues only support $952 (49%) of the total cost. These revenues comprise approximately 44% of the total Fire Department annual budget.