Response Statistics - 2016

2016 Response Statistics
Emergency Medical Services represent the highest call volume for the City of Pasco Fire Department.  This volume for this event type is within normal ranges for departments that provide EMS services.   The fire department responds to an average of 11 EMS calls per day.  

Approximately 22% of our total call volume is represented by NFIRS categories 100, 200, 400, 500, 600, and 700.  This equates to 3.1 calls per day.  The department responds to an average of 14 calls for service per day.

During 2016, overlapping calls (calls in which units were previously engaged on another separate incident) represented 43% of the total call volume. 
The graphs below indicate that the call volume for the fire department closely resembles the activity level of the population.  The higher volumes are during the warmer months (exception December/holiday activities), towards the end of the week and during daylight hours.
Call Volume Stats