Deputy Chief of Police


The Deputy Chief is responsible for the internal operation of the department while focusing on external community relations. He works closely with the Chief of Police on high level and long term projects that set the future for the department.

About Deputy Chief Cook

Deputy Chief Cook has been with the Pasco Police Department as a full-time officer since 1990 with previous service as a Pasco reserve officer in the 1980’s. Deputy Chief Cook has been a K9 handler as well as department K9 trainer prior to being promoted to Corporal and later, Sergeant. Deputy Chief Cook has served in additional assignments as a Watch Commander in the Patrol Division, Training Sergeant and Internal Affairs Sergeant  

In the mid-90s, Deputy Chief Cook was assigned a pilot project as an officer working a high crime neighborhood within the City of Pasco, using the new policing strategy called Community Oriented Policing. This project was very successful, and Community Oriented Policing is the foundation of our policing style today. 

In 2015 Deputy Chief Cook was promoted to Captain. He oversaw both the Investigation Services and Support Operations Divisions while serving as a Tri-City Special Investigations Unit Commander.  

In 2019 he was promoted to Deputy Chief. He is a graduate of the Northwest Command College and the prestigious FBI National Academy.