City Branding Project

Welcome to the Pasco Rebranding Initiative

Our logo is staying put – but we're giving our brand a fresh, forward-thinking makeover!

We are delighted to announce our partnership with the esteemed branding firm, JayRay, as we undertake a comprehensive place brand initiative to better represent Pasco. While our familiar logo remains the same, we're infusing new life into our brand, striving to showcase our authenticity, relevance and uniqueness.

Our Aim

Our mission is to ensure Pasco's brand truly resonates with investors, business partners, residents and potential visitors, setting us apart from other cities. 

We are committed to making every public interaction consistent and meaningful. Collecting life stories, past experiences, feelings and aspirations connected to Pasco will shape how we share our values, offerings and identity both locally and throughout the world.  


The place brand initiative has been mapped out over several months, involving:

  • Discovery and Research (June-November)
  • Brand System and Implementation (November-January)
  • Strategic Planning (January-February)


We have set some ambitious goals for our place brand project:

  • Develop a comprehensive brand update deeply unique to Pasco, utilizing extensive research and community engagement.
  • Ensure the brand represents the city’s unique attributes and strengths, while also looking to the future.
  • Create a brand system that is easily transferable across all City departments, economic development, and marketing efforts.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Pasco

We believe that through our place brand initiative we will uncover a brand that enhances the image of Pasco and helps us build a vibrant and connected community residents can remain proud of. This place brand effort is for all of us, so let's shape it together.