What do I do if I see illegal dumping?

If you see someone dumping trash or other items on an undeveloped piece of property or in your garbage container, please call the non-emergency dispatch line for the Pasco Police Department at (509) 628-0333.

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1. Who is responsible to remove the tumbleweeds that blow into my property or that pile up against my fence?
2. Why is Code Enforcement telling me to maintain my property?
3. What do I do about the neighbor’s dog that won’t stop barking?
4. What do I do if I see illegal dumping?
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7. How long can a recreational vehicle (like a boat, trailer, motor home, etc.) be parked on the street? Who enforces this?
8. What should I do if I get a notice and don’t understand what I need to do or can’t comply in the time given?