What are the benefits of annexation?
1. Lower cost of solid waste service - Garbage service in the City costs less than outside the City, is “unlimited” (multiple bags and bundles) and includes two free passes to the transfer station annually. Unlike the County, though, all addresses in the City are required to subscribe to the garbage collection service.

2. Lower priced water service - City residents pay 47% less for potable water service (irrigation water is not affected by annexation).

3. Emergency response from City Fire/Police Departments - More first responders serving a smaller area usually provide faster service, and lower ambulance transport charges, as non-residents pay 50% more.

4. Fire Protection - The City will cause additional fire hydrants to be installed over time, improving the ability to suppress structure fires in the area.

5. Lower cost for City recreation programs - City residents are charged about 20% less for recreation facilities and programs and have priority for registration, particularly for swim classes.

6. Code Enforcement - The City uses a five member, citizen Code Enforcement Board to hear and decide issues related to dangerous or unsightly property conditions: for example, weed control, blowing dust and property nuisances.

7. Lower Homeowner Insurance Costs - Upon annexation, fire insurance ratings (determined by insurance industry) will improve from class 7 to class 5, which will produce as much as 15% savings on annual homeowner insurance. You should check with your provider to see what cost savings there may be for your specific property.

8. Elections - City residents retain the right to vote for County Commissioners. New City residents will be able to vote on important City ballot issues such as Council members and any future bond/taxing issues. The City Council makes the final decision on such issues as utility rates, proposed zoning changes and recreation fees, amongst others.

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1. What is annexation?
2. What are these so-called “Power of Attorney for Covenant on Utility Services” sometimes called "Annexation/Utility Agreements" that the City uses to annex properties?
3. Are these “Annexation Agreements” legal, especially when they apply to the property after being sold to others?
4. Will my property taxes increase in the City?
5. Will I pay utility taxes in the City?
6. Does the City allow farm animals?
7. Will existing land uses be allowed to continue?
8. What about zoning?
9. Does the City require dog licensing and restrictions?
10. Will sidewalks, curbs and streetlights be required for my property?
11. Will I be required to use City sewer service?
12. Will outdoor burning restrictions change upon annexation?
13. What are the benefits of annexation?