Will existing land uses be allowed to continue?
Yes, in two categories.

1. Permitted Use: Any use of land which conforms to City rules after annexation may continue to exist as a “permitted” use and may be continued by any subsequent owner.

2. Non-Conforming Use: Any use of land which conforms to County rules before annexation but does not conform to City rules may continue to exist in the City as a “non-conforming” use and (contrary to myth), may be continued by the subsequent owners of the property. Two caveats apply to “non-conforming” uses: 1) the use cannot be enlarged (in other words, cannot make the conflict greater) and, 2) if the use is abandoned for at least 12 continuous months, it cannot be restarted by the current or future owner. The intent of this rule is to permit the owner of any non-conforming use to continue it as long as they wish and to recover any financial interest as the non-conforming activity can be sold to a subsequent owner.

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