What about zoning?
City zoning (land use) has mirrored the County’s zoning in place prior to annexation in the “donut hole”. In the last major annexation (the “Area 2” annexation in 2013), the City mirrored County zoning, and, in fact, reduced densities for some properties. In the City, the “R-S-12” zone (12,000 sq. ft. min. lot size) and “R-S-20” zone (20,000 sq. ft. min. lot size) are the most common designations for properties surrounding the “donut hole” in west Pasco. Any future zoning change would be for affected property owners to bring before the City Council for approval, just like the County.

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1. What is annexation?
2. What are these so-called “Power of Attorney for Covenant on Utility Services” sometimes called "Annexation/Utility Agreements" that the City uses to annex properties?
3. Are these “Annexation Agreements” legal, especially when they apply to the property after being sold to others?
4. Will my property taxes increase in the City?
5. Will I pay utility taxes in the City?
6. Does the City allow farm animals?
7. Will existing land uses be allowed to continue?
8. What about zoning?
9. Does the City require dog licensing and restrictions?
10. Will sidewalks, curbs and streetlights be required for my property?
11. Will I be required to use City sewer service?
12. Will outdoor burning restrictions change upon annexation?
13. What are the benefits of annexation?