What is "cable franchising" in the City of Pasco?

Under federal law, "franchising authorities" (in Washington State, these are cities and counties) can require cable television companies to negotiate a franchise (in other words, a contract) to provide cable TV service within a municipality. 

The City of Pasco currently has one non-exclusive franchise with Spectrum Communications (formerly Charter Cable). Follow the link below to download the current franchise document. The City's Executive Department (which Communication Services is a division) negotiates, monitors, and enforces the rules set forth in the franchise. The City collects a franchise fee of 5% of gross revenues from Spectrum for their use of the public's right-of-way. Communication Services can also assist cable subscribers in resolving complaints and answering questions regarding their cable service. 

If you are a Spectrum cable TV customer in the City of Pasco and have an issue that you are unable to resolve directly with Spectrum, please feel free to contact Communication Services at (509) 545-3485 or use the AskPasco app.

Spectrum/Charter Communications Cable TV Franchise

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