Does PPD Investigate their own officer-involved shootings?

The Pasco Police Department is fully committed to implementing the requirements of Washington State Initiative 940, including having civilian community members as part of an independent team investigating deadly use of force incidents.  The PPD continues to participate in the Regional Special Investigations Unit (SIU) to provide outside and independent investigations for deadly force investigations.  No Pasco Police investigators will be used to investigate a Pasco incident.

Pasco Police Use of Force Procedure

Reportable Use of Force

  • Investigative Responsibilities: Use of Deadly Force or Force Involving Serious Bodily Injury  

It is the policy of this department to conduct a fair, impartial and thorough investigation of all uses of deadly force for the interest of the officer, the department and the community alike. The following procedures shall apply to all deadly force investigations:

A.         Primary Responsibilities in a Deadly Force Investigation

  • Special Investigation Unit (SIU):
  • SIU Response Criteria (also see SIU protocol):
  • Any use of deadly force as described in PPD – Use of Force policy
  • Officer Involved non-lethal Shootings at the discretion of the Chief of Police 
  • The SIU criminal investigation will conduct a criminal investigation and provide its finding to the County Prosecutor. 

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