What is an LID?

An LID is a financing method for a specific area for various types of improvements such as:

  • Street overlays, repair, and construction Street Lighting
  • Utility Expansion (water, sewer, storm drain, irrigation) Overhead power conversion to underground
  • Alley way improvements
  • Street beautification and revitalization projects Park construction and improvements

Generally, a response, in favor of the improvements, of at least 50% of the participating properties is required to move forward. Property owners agree to pay for the improvements over a period of time (10 years for street improvements and 15 years for utility-related improvements). The City finances the costs of the improvements and collects the payments from the property owners. 

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1. What does LID stand for?
2. What is an LID?
3. Why use LID’s?
4. Who do I talk to if I want to form an LID?
5. How do I start an LID?
6. What if I do not want to participate in the LID?
7. What happens at the LID Formation Hearing?
8. Who do I make my payment out to?
9. Can I make monthly payments?
10. Is there a payment grace period?
11. How is interest charged?
12. Is there payment assistance available?
13. Why is the title company telling me there is a lien on my property?
14. Why isn’t this included in my mortgage payment like property taxes?
15. What Statutes govern LID’s?