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City Council Proclamation Request

  1. Proclamations issued by the Mayor of the City of Pasco ideally provide an opportunity for the City to recognize exceptional events. The goal of a proclamation is to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of Pasco citizens and non-profit organizations, honor occasions of importance and significance, and increase public awareness of issues to improve the well-being of the people of this city. To view previous City Council proclamations, follow this link.

    Proclamation Policy

    • We ask that requests be submitted 30 days prior to the date needed.
    • All requests should clearly include contact information and affiliation of the person submitting the request & the person(s) accepting the proclamation.
    • Requests should include draft language and background information about an exceptional event and sponsoring organization that could be used to prepare the proclamation.
    • Each renewal request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
    • We are unable to accommodate proclamations for out-of-community events or for-profit causes.
    • We ask that National or International groups requesting proclamations have an in-city sponsor.

    Submission of a proclamation request does not guarantee issuance. Due to the volume of submissions received, we cannot grant every request. However, we want to recognize and honor your organization’s outstanding contributions, commitment, and excellence to our community.

    Greetings/Other Recognition

    Greetings from the Mayor or other forms of recognition can be issued when a proclamation request doesn’t meet guidelines. Greetings and/or other recognition shall be used to honor special events or individuals within the City of Pasco. These may include conventions, community celebrations, award ceremonies, college graduations, etc. The Mayor also strongly encourages personal achievement and wishes to showcase significant milestones in the lives of Pasco residents. We ask that any recognition be submitted 30 days prior to the due date for issue to Pasco residents.

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  5. For additional information or any questions, contact the City Manager's Office or call (509) 544-3060.

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    Your e-mail and any e-mail response from the City may be a public record under RCW 42.56 and subject to inspection and copying by the public upon request.  Accordingly, there can be no expectation of privacy.

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