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PSC-TV Community Calendar Submission Form

  1. The PSC-TV Community Calendar is offered as a free public service to promote communication among public, educational and governmental sources.

    The PSC-TV Community Calendar is cablecast to homes in Pasco via Charter Cable on PSC-TV Channel 191. Text is displayed throughout the day, 7 days a week, during all non-program (taped or live) playback hours.

    The following rules apply for use of the PSC-TV Community Calendar:

    1. Messages can be submitted via this form or via the paper form. General press releases will not be considered. Paper forms are available at City Hall or on this website here.

    2. Forms must be submitted to the City’s Communication Specialist at least 7 working days prior to the first requested display date. Forms may be submitted here or mailed to PSC-TV/City of Pasco, 525 N. 3rd Avenue, Pasco, WA 99301, FAX: (509) 545-3403

    3. No information shall be transmitted which involves any advertising to promote the sale of commercial products or services, advertising on behalf of candidates for public office or political issues, lottery information, fundraising, or obscene /indecent matter. Further, the requesting agency/organization must be non-profit.

    4. If a non-profit agency’s primary service is a referral of business to member profit agencies, they shall be excluded from the use of the PSC-TV Community Calendar.

    5. Events messages must include whether they are free or if there is an admission charge. An information telephone number should be included.

    6. Staffing and/or timing circumstances may preclude your message from being posted to the Community Calendar; therefore, no guarantees of any kind are given regarding message submissions.

    7. In order to maximize the use of the PSC-TV Community Calendar for messages of broad public interest, regular community group and faith group service schedules will not be announced.

    8. City staff will place your message on the Community Calendar as soon as possible; however, please allow up to 5 business days for placement.

    9. The user agrees to hold harmless the City of Pasco, its officials, and employees for any and all liability, damages, or losses incurred because of actions, errors, or omissions related to the use of the PSC-TV Community Calendar.

    City staff reserves the right to alter or reject messages.

    Comments or questions may be directed to the Office of Communications at (509) 545-3485 or via the email form here.

  2. By checking the box, you acknowledge you have read and understand the terms of use of the PSC-TV Community Calendar: *
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