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Kurtzman Park


  1. Basketball Court
  2. Community Garden
  3. Covered Play Area
  4. Picnic Area
  5. Playground
  6. Police Mini-Station
  7. Soccer Fields
  8. Softball Field
  9. Walking Trail

About the Park

The nine acre Kurtzman Park, now on the National Register of Historic Places, is more than a recreational area; it's a symbol of resilience and community spirit. In the 1950s, east Pasco was a segregated area lacking city services, including parks. Local children took matters into their own hands, creating a baseball diamond where Kurtzman Park now stands. Civil rights advocate Rebecca Heidlebaugh helped secure a six-acre land donation for the park, which community members developed by installing a water system and planting trees. The City of Pasco maintains the area, initially named Candy Cane Park but renamed upon the land donor's request.

The park is also home to a community center building, managed first by Virgie Robinson. A police mini-station within the center enhances community safety. Dedicated board members and an annual Juneteenth Celebration with a family fun day keep the park vibrant, making it a hub for both current and former east Pasco residents.


From East Lewis Street, turn south on Wehe.